GiBoard Balance Trainer

For Everyone, Everywhere.

What Is GiBoard?

The GiBoard (pronounced Gib•Board) is an innovative and fun balance trainer that incorporates the sport of slacklining and a unique functional design for those looking to achieve a meaningful approach to expanding movement capabilities, body reshaping, and mind strengthening.

GiBoard Balance Trainer
From the Global Leader in Balance Training

The GiBoard Balance Trainer is the brainchild of Robert Kaeding, CEO, and Founder of GIBBON. Based in Germany, GIBBON has been the pioneer of slackline balance training and the world market leader for more than 15 years and helped to turn slacklining into a widely recognized sport. The company has sold over one million slacklines globally.

The creator's vision is to bring the ultimate balance sport with the GiBoard to everyone, everywhere.

“In everything we do, we believe in driving excellence in focus and core strength, to balance mind and body, delivering improvement on everyday life.” - Robert Kaeding, CEO, and Founder

The GiBoards are designed in Germany and manufactured in North America with high-grade maple wood from sustainable cultivation. The smart and steady design delivers quality and safety, allowing maximum training and fun.

Fun. Reinvented.

Versatile balancing, jumping, challenging workouts, or just fun tricks, GiBoard is never boring! Bonus points: while you are having a great time, you strengthen your posture, fitness, and creativity.

Need a Challenge?

The GiBoard trains stability, motor skills, and mobility and offers effective training and challenging workouts.

Safe For All

A stable, low-profile design with a unique line system keeps you low to the ground and allows you more control during balancing. With no wobbling or moving parts, it is safe to use for beginners or the advanced.

Beyond Stylish

Modern, minimalist, and compact. Three unique designs and one convenient size fit everyone’s unique style.

Indoors, Outdoors, Everywhere

Offers functionality and fun for all age groups. GiBoard can be used in the gym, outdoors, at home, and even in the office.

Premium Quality

Made from sustainably cultivated, high-quality and long-lasting American maple wood.

Balance is not something you find, it's something you create.

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