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Dynamic Balance Training for Every Sport

Improve your balance, coordination, strength, reaction time, and body control with GIBBON - the leader in dynamic and versatile Balance Training tools!

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Benefits for Every Athlete

Training on a SLACKBOARD or SLACKRACK has benefits for all sports including soccer, golf, football or ice hockey.


Improved Balance and Proprioception

Improved spatial awareness and body control

Enhances balance and posture

Mind + Body integration promotes better focus


Increased Balance and Stability

Maximize stability with self-induced vibration

Strengthen stabilizer muscles

Increase joint Range of Motion


Boost Reaction Time

Dynamic slackline enhances faster response times

Activate sensory receptors to improve reactions

Develop better neuromuscular connectivity


Reduced Injury Potential

Increased joint mobility to reduce risk of injury

Increased joint stability to protect vulnerable areas

Enhanced muscle fiber activation through vibration

Relieve tension from spine and hips

How to Incorporate SLACKBOARDS and SLACKRACKS into Your Training

The Ultimate Balance Tools: SLACKBOARDS and SLACKRACKS


The minimalist profile of a SLACKBOARD makes it portable and suitable for any training environment, whether that be at home, in the gym, on the field or even at the beach.


Take your Balance Training to the next level with SLACKRACK, a longer slackline that increases difficulty by enhancing instability.

Custom Branding Available

Show your team colors or match with your gym or training center! All SLACKBOARDS can be custom-printed with unique designs.

Storage Racks Available

Clean and space-efficient solution for
storing your SLACKBOARDS when not in use.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is a GiBoard?
The GiBoard is a modern take on a dynamic balance trainer that is eye-catching and never boring! The minimalist profile makes it ideal for use in the gym, outdoors, at home, and even on the road. Improve your balance, coordination, strength, reaction time, and body control.
What is a SLACKRACK?
The SLACKRACK is the ultimate portable slack line that can be either set at 7 or 10 ft length.
Should I buy a SLACKBOARD, SLACKRACK or Both?
To maximize your training having both the SLACKRACK and SLACKBOARD available is ideal. It allows for endless training options. The SLACKRACK is great for a facility or if you have an allocated training space. The size means it is less portable, but offers a huge variety of training options. The GiBoard is a perfect portable tool for at home or on the go! It is also great for group training!
How does SLACKBOARD or SLACKRACK compare to other balance tools?
There is a ton of supporting evidence on the balance benefits of SLACKLINE training. The GIBBON SLACKLINE tools are arguably the best balance trainers on the market due not only to the vibration frequency of the line, when standing on it, but also because of the adjustments that need to be made to maintain balance on a 2" width. At any given time the user is only a few inches off the ground making it very safe. And because of the narrow width of the line, stepping up and down is easily accomplished. Other balance tools on the market have very large surface areas, and so although they may provide instability for you to overcome, the area of coverage is very big and limits the amount of balance work your body has to do.
How big is SLACKBOARD, and how much does it weigh?
SLACKBOARD is minimalist and perfectly compact. Dimensions: 42" L x 11" W x 5.5" H Weight: 9 pounds
How big is SLACKRACK, and how much does it weigh?
As a three-part-stand-alone-solution, the SLACKRACK can be either set at 7 or 10 ft length. Dimensions: 7ft or 10ft, line width: 50mm/2", height 1ft Weight: 57.3 pounds
SLACKBOARD is easy to use and safe! Its shape and material create a loose bouncing effect, allowing you to do dynamic moves and train while it is easy on your joints. The stable, low-profile designs with a unique line system keeps you low to the ground and allows you more control during balancing. With no wobbling or moving parts, it is safe for beginners or the advanced and accessible to all age groups.
Is there any setup required?
The Giboard is shipped fully ready to use out of the box. The SLACKRACK comes with detailed assembly instructions. It usually involves straightforward steps and doesn't require additional tools for setup.
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